The Next Step

In a previous post I talked about the game, Life is Strange. Recently the developers released the second episode. This new season does not offer anything different on a game play standpoint but rather it offers a wide range of decisions and choices that need to be made.

But this new episode offers something different. The decisions that were made in the first episode carry over. The player is now left to feel the consequence. But the game makes the player dig deeper and pushes the limits of their moral standing. The games goes beyond what to say to a friend or what to grab but rather life and death. The game drives the player to balance the fate of other characters in their hands. The biggest moment was one that left on the edge of my seat and sweating. The plot grows bigger and more questions come up. But the game has a sense of a growing darkness, and doom that will come in. The player still has no idea how it will all play out.

The newest episode of the game is heart wrenching and rough but undoubtedly a welcomed addition to the games ever developing story. I can not wait to see what happens next and undoubtedly will leave wanting more.


Stanley a never ending story

This is a blog about Stanley’s Parable, a game that has a different ending depending on what decisions you make. It was created by Davey Wreden. The game is about you Stanly, narrated by a god-complex narrator. And whenever you think the game ends it starts right back where you…

This is a blog about Stanley’s Parable, a game that focuses on what choices you make. Its go left or right, up or down, left door or right door or push the button. You want to find the next ending with a totally different story then the first. It’s a book that changes endings every time you open and close it. The game dives deep in the players need to find more to want more. That’s why no matter how times you play you do not mind when you hear…

This is a blog about Stanley’s Parable, a game that is a beautifully crafted story. It’s so well designed and so well executed that I found myself lost in the game. It became this drug, this fascination to find more and more endings. It’s the first time where I saw this kind of game and it left me every time with…

This is a blog about Stanley’s Parable….

(Blog was written as the way the game starts with “ this is a story about Stanley” it repeats every time you find an ending.)

Life is Full of Choices

We live our lives, everyday making choices. For some decisions they are insignificant and have no impact on our day. But the newly released game title Life is Strange, everything you do has a ripple in the game, a consequence, an altering outcome.

Life is Strange is a game that is part of the point and click story games. This means you walk around and use your mouse to pick the conversational response and also dictate your actions. The game is liner but the choices you make have an outcome that later comes into play. The game is about a newly transferred student named Max, you play as. She is knew at Blackshire Academy which is a prestigious school. The game is filled with the classic drama you would find in a school. But armed with your camera you are set forth to make a decisions. The story seems to be powerful, dark, and has the mysterious undertone thLife-is-Strange-Ep-1-Launch-PVat will show up towards the end. What is beautiful about this game is the art and the story. You dive so deep into the game that you feel for Max and you become Max.  The story is full of plot twist and crazy events that leave you wanting to progress deeper and deeper into the game. I found myself wanting to play more and more as if I was trapped in a great novel. The game is split into 5 episodes, and currently only the first is released. The music and art of the game sets the mood for the player. But what is the key factor in this game is the gut wrenching moments where you have to make a decisions. Do you tell the truth, make fun of the girl you hates you, look through some else’s email, learn something secret about someone?  These are decisions that you have to make. But the scary part is, it’s final and it ripples. The decisions impact the story as a whole so that you make your own outcome in the game, even in the later episodes.

What Life is Strange does is gives the players a mold from which he or she can craft a story, a story that will never be the same as the person next to you. It does this in artistically captivating story. Life is Strange can be found here.

Simplicity in the Forest

Simplicity is a sometimes a needed thing. It allows a person to gather their thoughts or enjoy something. In the world of video games, simplicity sometimes makes a fantastic game. Shelter is a game that shows the correct way of using simplicity in design.

Shelter is a game that takes the player on a journey against Mother Nature. Shelter was released by Might and Delight Games. The game main point of focus is the life of a honey badger and her young badgers. As the story progresses, the player faces new challenges and difficulties that can leave some in tears. What makes this game a fantastic game is the way Might and Delight Games designed the game. There are no cut scenes or any forms of dialogue, just sounds of the forest and the call of the honey badgers. The player now has the chance to focus on the silent narrative and the brutality the game has. Sometimes players get caught and lost behind the flashing lights and mini movies that some games use to actually notice the beautiful aspects of the game. Shelter takes that all away and leaves you with beauty, sadness, sorrow and completion.

Games sometimes lose their beauty with all the flashing and colors. The employment of simplicity in a game design can truly enhance what the player does. Shelter offers that simplicity to make the player go through a emotional journey as a mother honey badger and the exodus of her babies. The ending is a sad heart twisting ending that is simple, and leaves the player’s mind to create a narrative to tell the rest.

The art of gaming

Art is something that can be imagine as a book or a painting. Art is something that is placed in art museums or private collections. The last place that art would be found is in a video game. Gone Home is a game that makes a simple video game into artwork. Gone Home blends story, music and design to make not a game, but a piece of art.

Gone Home was published by Fullbright Company in 2013. The game starts with the player assuming the role of a college girl returning home. The player is greeted with a message saying that the parents are stuck at the airport because of a storm that is going on through the whole game. The game tells the player have a sister that should be home but is not. As the player makes their way into the house the story progress. There is no sight of the sister anywhere. The player spends the rest of the game learning what happen to her and exploring the abandon mansion.

Gone Home is art because of the emotional and mysterious journey to find the sister. The player is left guessing what happen to her. An emotional connection is made with the sister even though the sister never shows up in the game. The ending will leave players in shock and for some, in tears.

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